Value is what all clients are after. We try to provide the best legal services a client can get for a reasonable budget.

For their international work, the different IUROPE members charge a same flat fee depending on the importance of the case, the degree or urgency, etc.

We consider transparency in fees and expenses to be in the mutual benefit of both the client and our firm. The issue of value should be discussed as from the first meeting or exchange of information, on the basis of which, in accordance with the subject matter of the services, the partner(s) and associate(s) in charge will be determined in agreement with the client, and the specific hourly rates of their services (as well as a forecast of the anticipated amount of work) discussed.

We achieve value not only by fair hourly rates, but also allocating and performing work in a way as efficient possible.
To each statement of fees is attached a list of services identifying, per day and per item, the services to which the statement pertains.

Expenses (file-related office and out-of-pocket expenses) are billed separately.