Quality & Service : We make it happen

All members of IUROPE strive to focus on the following principles of action:

IUROPE’s members are committed to providing the best legal service available.

a partner driven approach to all transactions and assignments in the meaning of an overall responsibility and constant monitoring by the partner in charge ensuring:

  • A personalized support with a client partner as principal source of overall feedback.
  • An individualized client relationship through a preferred spokesperson for each client.
  • A constant follow-up of quality standards.

Client care:

an important and decisive effort to understand the business environment and the industry of each and every client that comes to us with a view to building solid know-how and long term relationships.

Integration & Team work:

Teams operate and function openly in an integrated way. They can therefore adapt very easily to clients needs and expectations and bring a multipractice answer and solution to the specifics of each case or matter.

a "lean & mean" pragmatic way of handling legal and interdisciplinary aimed at focusing on issues, solutions, efficiency and results.


a diligent and prompt reaction to clients' requests.

Cost awareness:
IUROPE wants to offer more than an efficient cost/benefit ratio so as to bring significant added value to everything it does to the benefit of clients by offering a legally strong and convincing solution and competitive fees.