Practices & Objectives

IUROPE covers the following practice areas:

  • corporate finance, corporate commercial, mergers and acquisitions,
    insolvency and restructuring, labour outsourcing, capital market, insurance, joint venture
  • IT & IP, competition
  • administrative, environment, property and construction
  • criminal
  • litigation, arbitration


The purpose of IUROPE is to enable its members to advise their clients in relation to transnational and cross-border transactions, from both a local and a European perspective.

Our goal is
to provide clients with:

  • the chance to rely on law firms that really are able to handle the local environment, and at the same time have experience working with international clients and experts in other jurisdictions;
  • immediate access to reliable information and advice in the major European countries;
  • direct contact with law firms in other countries guaranteeing the same standards of service and quality.

IUROPE restricts membership to a size which allows the members to get to know one another, both professionally and personally: that enables the members to develop a reciprocal understanding of technical issues and a mutual confidence which makes working in teams easier and more efficient.

IUROPE can rely on
small experienced international teams of lawyers who, through working together on a regular basis, have developed extensive experience in carrying out complex cross-border transactions and projects in critical sectors of legal practice such as mergers and acquisitions, project financing and public procurement.

Because the quality of services rendered to our clients mainly depends on the individual skills and background of our lawyers, we take great care in selecting our candidates and providing them with the best possible training available.